Programmable Analytics Anywhere, Anytime

Programming data analysis has never been easier! Data Applied's XML-based Web Service allows any application to submit data, request analysis, and download results, across networks. It can also be used to search data, transform data, or script repetitive maintenance actions, such as automatically sharing workspaces or archiving comments. Because the interface is XML-based, it can be used by virtually any programming language. Contact us by clicking here.



Script analysis & data maintenance tasks

  • Write scripts to automate repetitive data analysis tasks
  • For example, request and download weekly forecasts
  • Write scripts to automate data management tasks
  • For example, automatically share data sets
  • Enforce custom data archival, security, or retention policies


Empower applications with rich analytics

  • Enhance reporting, planning, and business management applications
  • Start by uploading chunks of data to analyze
  • Select any analysis technique, and request remote processing
  • Receive e-mail notifications, or poll until completion
  • Retrieve results for display or further processing
Data Analysis as a Service

Data Analysis as a Service

Submit, transform, analyze data remotely

  • Analyze or transform data without the hassle of deploying local software
  • Take advantage of data analysis as a service (DAAS)
  • Safeguard transmitted content using SSL encryption
  • Use a multitude of Operating System and programming languages
  • Send simple XML requests and receive XML responses
Get started

Get started

Review technical information and download library code

  • View examples showing how to log in, upload data, or request analysis
  • Familiarize yourself with key concepts and code Recipes
  • Review technical information about messages
  • Review technical information about entities
  • Download library code