Building a Data Analysis Ecosystem Together

It takes an entire ecosystem to provide maximum value, and there is no ecosystem without partners. As a small startup, Data Applied is eager to establish partnerships to ensure joint customer success. In exchange, we provide partners with customer referrals, profit sharing, sales/marketing material, direct access to technical support, and other benefits. We welcome any serious enquiry regarding potential partnerships. Contact us by clicking here.

Partnership = Win-Win

Partnership = Win-Win

Establish win-win partnerships

We provide our partners with customer referrals, sales/marketing material, and direct access to the highest level of technical support. We work closely with our partners to obtain feedback, improve our products, share technical previews, and collaborate on planning & strategy.
Joint Marketing = Impact + Savings

Joint Marketing = Impact + Savings

Increase the effectiveness of each dollar spent

Data Applied is interested in combining marketing efforts to save advertising dollars and increase overall impact. We rely on joint marketing to get more effect for the same budget while growing brand names together. Join forces with us to build lasting win-win relationships.
Systems Integration = Profit Sharing

System Integration = Profit Sharing

Empower applications with rich data analysis

Data Applied shares profits with partners who develop integration components between third-party applications and Data Applied's XML-based Web API. We provide ISV with detailed technical information and custom code samples to help them succeed.
Customer Referrals = Rewards

Customer Referrals = Rewards

Earn rewards by referring customers

Data Applied rewards qualified referrals, either from existing customers or from registered partners. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make. Receiving credit for a referral is simple: just make sure the referral customer provides us with your full name and e-mail.

Partners We Trust
AFHood Analytics Group is a consulting agency and solution provider for marketing based analytics. They provide a unique perspective on the application, processing, and interaction with data to make optimal marketing decisions.
HighQ BI Consulting uses proven methods to help push business performance ahead to the next level. They excel at summarizing the intricacies of your business's data using detailed-oriented analytics.
InfoChimps has created the first open marketplace for data. For anything from polling surveys to market research to fantasy sports statistics, they can connect data to a massive audience of customers.
Data Mining Tools make it easy to learn about data mining and business intelligence. They offer free access to training videos and tutorials, but also offer subscriptions for certification exam practice.